verdeleaf living street furniture

Verdeleaf is a unique concept in urban greening, designed as both biophilic, living street furniture and also as an air cleansing mechanism.

Designed by Mark Laurence, a well known living wall creator, plantsman and systems designer, Verdeleaf was born of many years trialling the idea of modular units, combined with a need for robust but simple passive air cleansing.

Effective Air Cleansing

Research has shown that plants collect airborne particulates on the surface of the their leaves, determined by factors such as leaf shape and type, air speeds and an electrostatic charge.  On Verdeleaf, we have seen the empirical proof of this in particulates collected as you can see on the pictures.

Oslo Nationaltheatret train station

Verdeleaf has been developed at the specific request of Norway’s national rail authority, Bane NOR, to assist in removing particulates from the air on two of their platforms and one of Oslo’s main rail stations. Situated in tunnels (although not the Metro, which runs nearby), these busy platforms need cleaner air and Verdeleaf is their preferred solution. Two pilots have been installed during 2018 and once assessment is complete, more will follow to provide a good capacity to improve conditions.


Verdeleaf Living Street furniture is designed and developed by Mark Laurence, through his company, Vertology Ltd.   Mark has been developing systems for living walls since 2007 and has designed many iconic living walls in the UK, Norway, Dubai and the USA.

Verdeleaf is being developed into a full urban street furniture system that is  flexible and effective an many respects but especially, in the passive removal of airborne particulates.

Please contact Mark to discuss your needs.


Enquiries about Verdeleaf are welcome from Architects, Urban Designers, Retail Developers, Planners, Local Authorities, Airports, Train Operators and Infrastructure Specialists.

We work Internationally with companies who deliver our units into the finished landscapes, typically landscape contractors.

Enquiries for units in Norway will be handled by our partners there.